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Rentavilla.com provides Spanish Holiday rentals in Valencia, Spanish homes near Barcelona,vacation Villas on the costa Brava, Catalunya. Find your Spanish Villa Rental, house or apartment to rent now!

Whether you are looking for a Spanish Holiday Villa or apartment rental in Valencia, a luxury vacation home outside Valencia, or a house or apartment to rent near Barcelona scroll down our listing and find your Holiday Villa, house or Apartment in Valencia - Spain now!

Rentavilla.com provides Spanish Holiday rentals in Valencia, Spanish homes near Barcelona,vacation Villas on the costa Brava, Catalunya. Find your Spanish Villa Rental, house or apartment to rent now!

Tips for Traveling and Renting in Valencia

Valencia: A city of beautiful opposites

Against a backdrop of the shimmering Mediterranean sea, the city of Valencia has reinvented itself. Marrying architecturally daring new buildings with its iconic ancient structures (influenced by Romans, Moors, and Renaissance Spanish architects), Valencia has become an exciting city for visitors to discover it’s multi-cultural history and modern achievements. Particularly remarkable, are the Turia Gardens, an expansive green space that leads to the spectacular futuristic bridges and buildings of La Cuidad de Las Artes y Las Ciencias (CAC)—City of Arts & Sciences—designed by Valencian architect, Santiago Calatrava. Turia Gardens has a bike path and a richly landscaped promenade that references Valencia’s Moorish influences, and was brilliantly conceived to follow the dry bed of the Turia River so it naturally meanders past the CAC on its way to the Mediterranean sea.

Valencia is also recognized as an important Spanish harbor and sailing center, and was chosen to host the America’s Cup in 2007. Consequently, trendy seaside restaurants now abound and lovely pedestrian paths invite travelers to leisurely stroll and enjoy the sights. Valencia’s weather is relatively mild year-round so many travelers time their visits to experience its spring cultural/religious festival, Las Fallas, or during the autumn grape harvest and drive along the wine route nearby. This Spanish region truly offers something for every kind of traveler! Here are a few more of Valencia’s gems to capture your imagination…

For the Cultural Traveler
• The Valencia Cathedral—Gothic in design, built between 1200 and 1400 a.d., adorned with several Goya paintings, and said to house the Holy Grail. The 207-stair climb to the top of the cathedral’s adjacent tower holds exquisite views, and many visitors assure that the hike up will be well rewarded.
• The Silk Exchange (La Lonja de la Seda)—Located near the Mercado Central, this elaborately designed Gothic structure was the backdrop for silk and gold trade business and is a cultural treasure designated a “Heritage of Humanity” site by Unesco.
• Plaza Ayuntamiento—Valencia’s town hall is reminiscent of the city’s earlier glory days as are the buildings surrounding it. A fountain anchors the plaza’s center and is ringed by vibrant flower stalls with both quaint and chic shops nearby. Traditional bells in the town hall chime the hour and add to the rich ambience.
For the Gourmet Traveler
• Mercado Central—This timeless traditional market teems with individual stalls of local delicacies and staples, like Valencia oranges and olives, and horchata (orxata de xufa)—a regional sweet milky drink made from a sugar-sweetened tuberous grass.
• Personal cooking demonstration and feast—What could be better than learning to cook a local delicacy by a Valencian chef in the comfort of your elegant Valencia apartment? For guests of our Apartamento Valencia, this special meal can be arranged and will include a guided trip to the Mercado Central.
For the Experiential Traveler
• Las Fallas—This extraordinary spring festival combines local custom and religious celebration over 5 incredible days. Hundreds of Gigantic ninots (cardboard statues) humorously depicting politicians and celebrities, are displayed and then ceremoniously torched in a fantastic bonfire with a firework ending. The Virgin Mary is also honored during this festival, where virgin girls dressed in elaborate silk gowns place flower bouquets in the wire frame skirt of an enormous effigy of the Blessed Virgin.
• Bioparc Valencia—This is a new generation of zoo, which groups animals usually together in the wild in surprisingly realistic environments. Animals are separated from human visitors and predators by invisible barriers, such as water features, large boulders, and hidden fences.
For the Active Traveler
• Water Sports—There are numerous beaches along pristine sections of the Mediterranean in the Valencia area, and options for scuba diving, windsurfing, and sailing are yours if you tire of lounging in the sun.
• Golf—If you just can’t resist working on your backswing while vacationing, there are over 20 golf courses to accommodate your passion.
• European Grand Prix—This spectator event will have you swaying in your seat, so we’re mentioning it in the “active” section of our recommendations! The world-renowned Formula 1 car racing competition is held yearly in August. Check http://www.spain.info/en for more details.
Wine Lover’s Route
If you are a wine connoisseur, and have planned a few extra days in your trip for must-do excursions, consider taking a drive of discovery along Spain’s Utiel-Requena wine route. Just 60 km/36 mi west of Valencia, starts a collection of ten significant villages who have been producing Spain’s signature wines for over two thousand years. The terrain is spectacular with lush vineyards perched on mountainous ridges, and picturesque villages with cathedrals elaborately decorated to incorporate regional masonry, wrought iron, and Moorish as well as Gothic influences. For more detailed information on specific villages, wines, tours, restaurants, and maps please visit Spain’s official tourism web site under the following link: http://www.spain.info/resultadosBusqueda/resultadosBusqueda.html?l=en&q=utiel-requena+wine+route


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